Maya Gida is the strongest company which was established to meet the technological needs of red and white meat sector. Our product range includes combies (sujuk, salami, sausages, jambon, meat balls, burger, döner ) which are main requriments of sector and seasonings, stabilizers, functional mixes, antimicrobials, natural colours, some of main additional materials as phosphates for fermented, semifermented, emulsified and injected meat products which are specified for customers.

QUALITY POLICY; It is our management quality policy that is to serve with the products having special standarts that are suitable for the changing costumer demands.

MISSION; Our first aim is continueing more qualified and fast service understanding without making any compensation from the worth that we give to the secrecy, our works and customers, working for expections with developed production standards and make the customer be pleasant.

VISION; As being the most confident and demanded company, we continue developing with dynamic and modern point of view with our experienced staff, production department and machines which are following European Standards.

SECRECY; We are having private solution to customers with our private product range sensivity to secrecy prinsiples of companies.

LABOR; After than controlling in Quality Control Labor which is in standardised conditions, we are conveying our products to customers.

TRANSPORTATION; We are shipping our products safety and urgently on time when we promise

RESEARCH &DEVELOPMENT; By means of our quality control laboratories, we support our searching that is special for the companies, and meet the expectations by creating better and more suitable solutions. For this reason, we develop our vision by following all the developing technique substructure conditions.

We desire to create strong and reliable ideas in the light of our work that is to increase productivity. By means of our experienced staff every day we cause our activities towards the sector to gain acceleration.

With the variety of special products that we supply to our firms, the technique equipments we have and high quality service we sign to the sector with " Make a Difference" signatur