Quality for us, not only produce spices, spice blends and functional mixes, it also includes a long process and the quality of the service provided.

Using of most up to date production techniques under the control of ISO 22000 and HACCP principles.

High quality and the ‘fix’ ation of this quality are the most important principles for Mayafix which are come out inside of our brand.

Our claim is ‘make a difference’. For making a difference, our implementations are the followings:


Purchasing the finest quality spices and herbs from around the world.

  • It starts from the cultivation of our crops by evaluation forms,
  • Monitoring of raw material conditions during growing, fumigation, harvest, storage and processing.

Sustainability of purchasing standards by audits and quality control laboratories analysis.


Within Mayafix, there are three laboratories for microbiology, chemical and R&D purposes respectively. All analyses of raw materials, witness samples of finished products and supervision analyses during the production are performed in these laboratories. Customer-focused studies for their problems with respect to production defects, contaminations and microbiological degradations are also performed in these laboratories.

Our R&D laboratories are capable of performing all technical analyses of deli products that may come from all over the world, creating prescriptions thereof, analyzing the processes with respect thereto, supplying the raw materials and creating the finished product.


Environment protection philosophy; reduced energy and water consumption, reduced dust pollution and waste management.